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Meet The Team

Ace Tucker

Ace Tucker

Space Trucker

Species: Human
Occupation: Roadie/Trucker
Age: Unknown
IQ: 99
Skills: Loading/unloading, power drinking, 3-point turns

Ivan Chimpanov

Ivan Chimpanov


Species: Cyborg Chimpanzee
Occupation: Roadie/Trucker
Age: 29
IQ: 200
Skills: Cyber-computer interface, unlimited learning, punk rock trivia
Favorite Band: Ramones

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

The King of Rock n Roll

Species: Enhanced Human
Occupation: Entertainer/???
Age: 82
IQ: Varies
Skills: Singing, guitar, karate, kung fu
Misc: Enhanced by nanobot technology

April Massey

April Massey

Memphian Badass

Species: Human
Occupation: KFC Cashier
Age: 26
IQ: 110
Skills: Customer service, money handling, pop culture references
Vehicle: 1984 Buick Century



Species: Canine
Breed: Basset Hound
Enhanced by: Unknown
Age: 39:
IQ: 120
Skills: Semantic computer systems, colorful speech, tracking.

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What fans say

People who love Ace Tucker Space Trucker are happy to share their experience.
The Big Gaber

The Big Gaber

This is the greatest podcast of all time!

Excellent Rock'n'Roll theme song, hilarious dialogue, Elvis Presley, and a Russian cyborg chimp that loves Elvis Presley! Literally, everything I want in a podcast!



An Epic Sci-fi Space Adventure!

An epic sci-fi space adventure that rumbles across the page like a galactic rock concert. The story pits a small band of misfits, including a space trucker, his cyborg chimpanzee sidekick, a colorful KFC employee, one pissed off ranting Basset Hound and of course the King of Rock and Roll against an unstoppable foe. The plot beats forward with a rhythmic cadence of colorful descriptive passages laden with a barrage of eighties pop culture and sprinkled with Southern pop history. An enjoyable read from beginning to end with plenty of twists and turns. This is what B.J. and the Bear should have been!



This was an amazingly fun read. The story seemed to get started with ...

an almost cliche-like imagery, but it serves the purpose of establishing the environment and premise. I felt the story elevate in levels. Every time you recover from a blast of excitement, another one looms in front of you like a huge excitement staircase. Just when you think youโ€™ve got it figured out, another twist grabs you and hold you prisoner, forcing you to read further. I found myself literally laughing out loud many times while reading.


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