Ace Tucker Space Trucker

Hilarious Science Fiction Comedy Audio and Novel Series

by James R. Tramontana


What the Audio Fans are Saying...

When I first heard the free podcast, I was blown away. Then I read the novel and now I'm a hooked. This guy knows what we've always know. The King is a alive and well and out there to save the galaxy.
Elvis Chen
Elivs Impersonator
Most underated sci fi rock comedy of all time I love Ace Tucker. It is so funny, the music is awesome, what could be better. The story gets better and better. Can't wait for more!
Nate BW
Professional Badass
Yes please! I need more of this. The production value is top notch(which is rare among podcasts), the story is fun and intriguing, and the voice actor is great. Can’t wait to hear more.
This is the greatest podcast of all time! Excellent Rock'n'Roll theme song, hilarious dialogue, Elvis Presley, and a Russian cyborg chimp that loves Elvis Presley! Literally, everything I want in a podcast!
Gabe Cetra
Mail Man/Rock Expert

Ace Tucker is a man who was raised in outer space and taught how to be human by a Russian cyborg chimpanzee. He earns a living as a rock-and-roll roadie and cargo hauler for the greatest band in the galaxy, Mustache Supernova. His world is turned upside down the night he meets Elvis Presley, the very not-dead King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. After Ace saves Elvis from an alien assassin he must travel to Memphis, Tennessee to restore Presley’s health. But things are not what they seem at Elvis’s pastoral home, Graceland. There, Ace makes a discovery that has the power to shape the future (and potentially undo the past). Readers all across the galaxy agree it’s the “funniest story since Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!” Time Travel Times gushes, “Screw relativity. This story is a quantum leap for humorous science fiction.” Alternate History Monthly raves, “Elvis Presley lives! A Punk Rock-loving chimp is side kicking for a lowbrow trucker! A foul-mouthed talking Basset Hound guards a secret time machine! I want to live in this alternate universe!”  

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After Ace Tucker and his best friend (a Russian cyborg chimpanzee named Ivan Chimpanov) met Elvis Presley at a party, their fates became intertwined with a conspiracy that brought them to Earth in search of a super secret time machine built into Elvis’s prized 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. With the help of a spitfire KFC cashier named April Massey and Hank, the foul-mouthed talking Basset Hound, Ace and Ivan traveled across space and time (and at least one alternate universe) to defeat an evil Andromedan alien called the Shiny Man. Their victory ensured Elvis Presley lived on to become the leader of the galaxy in the far distant future. As if that wasn’t unexpected enough, Ace and the gang also got a sweet new gig working for the Temporal Continuity Bureau (T.C.B.), the Galactic Union’s very own time-traveling police force. However, before the crew could get into the thick of it as fully licensed, bonded, and insured T.C.B. agents, they had some dues to pay…

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Amazon Book Reviews

What a terrific story! I grabbed it on sale, fully expecting it to be a joke and guessing I would read a few pages and delete it. Boy was I wrong! Although the synopsis makes it sound ridiculous, the story actually works. Thoroughly enjoyed it and am recommending it to my Sci-Fi friends who have a sense of humor. Don't want to post any spoilers, but yes Elvis is alive in this story and the main characters include him, a brilliant Russian Cyborg Space Chimp and a foul-mouthed talking Basset Hound. My favorite bit though, is a nod to my favorite sandwich shop - Jimmy John's! Read it and you will see what I mean.
Nunja Business
Wild Characters Struggle to Keep Time Right! An excellent book with comedy, time travel, and Elvis Presley. If you are a fan of the Space Team books you'll love this. In fact you'll love it anyway!
Debra W. Herter
Princeton, WV
This was an amazingly fun read. The story seemed to get started with an almost cliche-like imagery, but it serves the purpose of establishing the environment and premise. I felt the story elevate in levels. Every time you recover from a blast of excitement, another one looms in front of you like a huge excitement staircase. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, another twist grabs you and hold you prisoner, forcing you to read further. I found myself literally laughing out loud many times while reading. The imagination of the author is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I did notice a rather blaring typo in the Kindle version where “ladder” was displayed as “latter” but I don’t know where this originated from so I’ll leave it as it.
A good story, full of surprises, with unlikely, different and unexpected characters. Enjoyable to read and totally entertaining, I recommend reading this book.
Richard Engle
Retired Engineer

Meet the Creator

James R. Tramontana

James R. Tramontana*

James R. Tramontana holds a Master of Arts in Mass Media Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida. He is the sole creator of Ace Tucker Space Trucker, a cinematic audio science fiction series. In addition to writing, editing, and sound designing the show, James voices all of the characters. The novelization of Ace Tucker Space Trucker: Season One, released in February of 2018, achieved top ranks in’s Humorous Science Fiction chart.

Tramontana is also a multi-instrumentalist and has performed throughout the United States in bands such as Spitvalves, Alias Clark, Red Hot Rebellion, CR8RFACE, Prime Floridian, and Ensign Jimmy’s Landing Party. His media publishing company, Solid Arts and Science LLC, has released over 100 songs (many of which featured in films, television, and video games), as well as dozens of comic books and novels.

He enjoys peanut butter, long naps on the beach, loud music, and unusual socks.

* It’s like riding a TRAM in MONTANA. You smack those two words together and your get, “Tramontana.” But my family rushes our pronunciation and sometimes the “o” sound more like an “eh” sound. Like, “Tram-EN-tana.” Just remember: it’s like riding a TRAM in MONTANA and you gotta smush that “M” between the two. Make sense?

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