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About Ace Tucker Space Trucker

A headshot of Ace Tucker, the protagonist of the Ace Tucker Space Trucker series, with his vital stats listed.

Ace Tucker Space Trucker is a thrilling, hilarious, and utterly unique science fiction series created by James R. Tramontana. The series follows the adventures of Ace Tucker, a man who was kidnapped from Earth as a baby, raised in an outer space orphanage, and taught how to be human by a Russian cyborg chimpanzee. Ace earns his living as a rock-and-roll roadie and cargo hauler for the greatest band in the galaxy, Mustache Supernova. In the first book of the series, Ace’s world is turned upside down when he saves Elvis Presley from an alien assassin and must travel to Graceland to restore his health. But things are not as they seem, and Ace makes a discovery that has the power to shape the future (and potentially undo the past).

But what truly sets Ace Tucker Space Trucker apart is its origin as an audio fiction series. Creator James R. Tramontana recorded, edited, and produced the series himself, including all of the character voices, music, and sound design. The first season of the series launched to rave reviews and quickly gained tens of thousands of downloads. The novelization of the series quickly shot to the top of Amazon’s Sci-Fi/Time Travel category, even briefly beating out H.G. Wells.

Season two of the audio fiction series covers the adventures in between the first and second novels, and each episode is a standalone adventure that can be enjoyed on its own. With a cast of characters that includes a Russian cyborg chimp, Elvis Presley, a foul-mouthed talking Basset Hound named Hank, and a spitfire, badass ex-KFC cashier named April Massey, Ace Tucker Space Trucker is a wild and hilarious ride through all of space and time.

Meet the creator: James R. Tramontana

James R. Tramontana

James R. Tramontana holds a Master of Arts in Mass Media Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida. He is a writer, a rocker, a nerd and a nice guy. His notable victories include winning a ghost chili eating contest, a fight with an entire toga party and a mime competition.

Tramontana is also a multi-instrumentalist and has performed throughout the United States in bands such as StizzleSpitvalvesAlias ClarkRed Hot RebellionCR8RFACEPrime Floridian, Daytonist, and The Florida Pythons.

His media publishing company, Solid Arts and Science LLC, has released over 100 songs (many of which featured in films, television, and video games), as well as dozens of comic books and novels.

He enjoys peanut butter, long naps on the beach, loud music, and unusual socks.

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