This morning, I banged out 1758 words this morning while walking and talking. Good times. I’m approaching the midpoint of this first draft of Ace Tucker Space Trucker 3. This is my third full-length novel, and I’m still figuring this stuff out. But I do think this whole dictation-while-walking-on-a treadmill-thing is definitely the way for me to get the first draft down. I struggled for three years to finish my first novel. Now I’m going to have at least three novels done this year.

And I’m thinking about doing a movie script next. To see how it goes. Much like novels, I’ve tried to write scripts in the past and never finished one. I think it might be an excellent exercise to commit to writing a feature-length movie script. Just not sure, yet, what story to tackle.

The two I know I eventually want to do is 1) An adaptation of the first Ace Tucker novel. And 2) A sci-fi/superhero action-adventure that I’ve had plotted out for, like four years. Dunno. I’ll figure it out once I get these novels done. Got any ideas? Lemme know.

Ace Tucker Space Trucker 3
First Draft 44%
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