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Red Hot Rebellion

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    Music serves as a significant and integral element in the vivid and vibrant world of the Ace Tucker Space Trucker universe. From heart-pumping rock and roll to smooth jazz, the series features an eclectic mix of artists and bands that add depth, texture, and dimension… Read More »Bands Mentioned



      Dino Valdeeznuts (b. circa 2344, date of death unknown) was a Valdovian inventor who is most famously known for creating the timedrive, a device which allowed time travel and revolutionized the concept of food delivery, and subsequently warfare, in the Milky Way. Early Life and… Read More »DINO VALDEEZNUTS

      The sapphire super club in san diego, california.

      The Sapphire Supper Club

        The Sapphire Supper Club was a beloved music venue in Orlando, Florida that operated in the late 1990s. Located at 54 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801 in the space currently occupied by The Social, the Sapphire Supper Club showcased a diverse range of indie-rock,… Read More »The Sapphire Supper Club

        Sky Craft


          Skycraft Parts and Surplus is an ostensibly benign business based in Winter Park, Florida, recognized for its provision of surplus parts and supplies. According to their website, Skycraft is “a self – service surplus sales outlet that sells to the general public as well as… Read More »SKYCRAFT PARTS AND SUrplus

          Mustachepalooza. The most infamous rock show in the galaxy.


            Mustachepalooza is one of the most infamous rock concerts in the galaxy’s history, immortalized in folklore for its anarchic atmosphere, audacious attendees, and outrageous backstage rituals. Overview Designed as an emblematic event of the rock scene, Mustachepalooza emerged as a singular phenomenon, owing to the… Read More »MUSTACHEPALOOZA



              The dazzler is a remarkable small gadget, resembling a belt buckle in size and design, that has gained popularity for its unique hologram projection capabilities. Developed by an ingenious team of engineers, this portable hologram projector has the ability to transform the wearer’s appearance into… Read More »Dazzler

              Ray Ray

              Ray Ray

                Ace Tucker’s Laser Pistol Ray Ray is the name of Ace Tucker‘s trusted laser pistol. A versatile and powerful weapon, its settings range from a harmless laser pointer at setting 1, to an immensely destructive force capable of melting the side of a building at… Read More »Ray Ray