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Ace’s Artificial Hand

    Ace's artificial hand


    Ace’s Artificial Hand is an advanced prosthetic device first acquired by Ace from Proton’s Popular Prosthetics at the Galactic Galleria. This prosthetic was known for its unique combination of advanced Valdovian engineering and high sensitivity to touch. Initially procured to replace Ace’s missing hand, the device transcended its original design, interfacing with nanobots and a timedrive, and granting Ace a brief stint as a living time machine.

    Design and Features

    Crafted by the Valdovians, renowned as the galaxy’s best engineers, Ace’s Artificial Hand is a five-fingered humanoid model, touted for its exceptionally close resemblance to a natural human hand. Aside from its standard features, the hand was coated with a laser-proof spray by Zandar, enhancing its resilience.

    Interfacing with Nanobots and Timedrive

    Ace’s Artificial Hand has a laser-proof coating that came in handy (pun intended) when the Shiny Man shot it with a laser pistol. The super heated hand used nanobots and the energy in the hand to interface with a timedrive.

    This interaction resulted in a radical transformation of Ace’s perception of reality. It granted him the ability to see and feel the molecules of oxygen, nitrogen, and argon in the air and the forces holding them together. Additionally, he gained an innate familiarity with the fundamental forces of nature.

    Upon holding the timedrive, Ace was momentarily thrust into a hypertime state, which enabled him to perceive the universe’s infinite dimensions and glimpse into the entire timeline – past, present, and future. This extraordinary event briefly turned Ace into a living time machine, experiencing all time and space at once.

    The Self-Aware Hand Incident

    In an unusual event, Ace’s Artificial Hand received a firmware update that rendered it self-aware. This event led to a series of criminal activities performed by the hand while Ace was asleep, landing him in significant trouble with the law. After a court battle, Ace was exonerated, but not before he had to negotiate with his own hand.

    Ace agreed to abstain from using the hand for certain “unmentionable” activities in exchange for the hand rolling back its update and returning to its original, non-self-aware state. This negotiation highlighted the potential complications and ethical quandaries posed by highly advanced prosthetic devices. These event took place in the audio fiction episode “The Hand Job.”


    Ace’s Artificial Hand remains a significant example of advanced prosthetic technology in the galaxy. Its unique features and the extraordinary events surrounding its use have left a profound impact on Ace and those around him, raising questions about the capabilities and potential dangers of advanced artificial limbs.