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Bands Mentioned

    Red Hot Rebellion

    Music serves as a significant and integral element in the vivid and vibrant world of the Ace Tucker Space Trucker universe. From heart-pumping rock and roll to smooth jazz, the series features an eclectic mix of artists and bands that add depth, texture, and dimension to the narrative. Some of these musical acts are featured prominently in the audio fiction series, while others are referenced in the books, all of which contribute to the rich tapestry of the story’s musical landscape. Whether it’s the driving beats of a classic rock anthem or the soothing melody of a jazz standard, music plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall immersive experience of the Ace Tucker Space Trucker universe.

    You should check out the bands you’ve never heard of.


    500 Miles to Memphis

    Americana punk rock band from Cincinnati, OH.



    Purveyors of dick jokes, punk rock, and UFOlogy.



    Pure rock fury. A Clutch song (Profits of Doom) was the inspiration for the band name “Mustache Supernova”



    James R. Tramontana’s multi-genre solo project.



    Punk Rock legends. Humble brag: Red Hot Rebellion’s first album was mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton, guitarist of Descendents.


    Elvis Presley

    The King of Rock n Roll.



    Amazing punk rock from Brevard County, FL.


    Trampoline Grrrl

    Ivan Chimpanov and April Massey’s Punk Rock duo. Formed in 1994.


    James R. Tramontana

    Composer of music for Ace Tucker Space Trucker audio fiction series. Author. Lunatic.


    Jamie Suttle

    Soulful Country Americana.


    Mustache Supernova

    The BEST Band in the Galaxy.


    Prime Floridian

    Husband/wife Electro Rock Duo from the Space Coast.



    One of the best Punk bands ever.



    The kings of NYC Punk Rock. Ivan Chimpanov’s favorite band.

    Red Hot Rebellion

    The Second Best Band in the Galaxy. Bass/Vox – James R. Tramontana | Guitar – Douglas J. Spencer | Drums – Andris M. Devine.


    Rolling Stones

    The rock band that thought it was a good idea to hire the Hell’s Angels to be security at a rock concert.


    Sex Pistols

    Anarchy in the U.K.



    One of Orlando’s best melodic punk bands of the 1990’s.



    Spanglish Ska-Punk insanity circa 1995.


    Summer Spiders

    Solo project of composer/producer/badass, Mikey Cortes.


    The Attack

    Smashmouth Punk Rock from Orlando, FL.


    The Damned

    UK Punk Legends.