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Bithcin’ Camaro

Trip Glaxton‘s personal timecar is a 1984 black Camaro Z/28 T-top not just any ordinary vehicle, but one of the most advanced and cutting-edge timecars in the TCB’s arsenal. Built using the latest in temporal engineering and quantum mechanics, the car is a sleek and powerful machine that can travel through time with ease.

The car’s exterior is a glossy black, with a streamlined, aerodynamic design that cuts through the air like a knife. The windows are tinted with super-dark mafia tint, making it almost impossible to see inside from the outside. The car is emblazoned with Trip’s personalized license plate – B1TCHN – a nod to his abrasive personality and his willingness to take on anyone who crosses him.

But it’s not just the car’s appearance that makes it stand out. The car is equipped with a wide range of advanced technologies that make it one of the most formidable timecars in the TCB’s arsenal. The car’s time vortex drive allows it to travel through time and space at incredible speeds, making it capable of reaching any point in history almost instantly. The car’s quantum shielding technology protects it from the effects of temporal turbulence, preventing any disturbances to the space-time continuum.

To further protect the car’s delicate systems, Trip stores it in a specially-designed time-vault that is shielded from any outside interference. This vault is located in a secure facility on a remote planet, where it is guarded around the clock by a team of highly-trained security personnel.

Unfortunately, despite its advanced technologies and formidable defenses, the car was nearly destroyed in a battle between it and Betty. Although the car was irreparably damaged, its parts were salvaged and used to repair T.U.R.D.

License plate – B1TCHN