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Bubba Sinclair

Bubba Sinclair

Bubba Sinclair is a legendary figure residing in the heart of Bithlo, FL. A cryptid of myth and lore, Bubba possesses a unique combination of enigmatic qualities that both intrigue and baffle those who dare to encounter him. Running a junkyard by day, Bubba is no ordinary junkyard owner—he is a super genius engineer whose creations defy conventional understanding. Some even whisper that his extraordinary intellect hints at an otherworldly (or extradimensional) origin.

Bubba’s connection to the supernatural doesn’t end there. He shares a special bond with his brother, Earl, who is better known as Big Foot, another legendary creature of the wild. The two had a falling out years ago, and don’t speak anymore.

Standing as a towering figure, Bubba has been known by many names: Swamp Cabbage Man, Sasquatch, Florida’s Seminoles called him Esti Capcaki (Tall Man) but he prefers the term Skunk Ape. He emanates a pungent odor reminiscent of rotting meat and sour milk, an unmistakable signature of his presence. However, beneath his unconventional exterior lies a heart that beats with a genuine passion for life’s simple pleasures. Bubba has developed a profound affinity for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, finding solace and camaraderie in its crisp, familiar taste.

Bubba’s path intertwined with that of Future Ace in a twist of fate, as he was unwittingly ensnared in the grand schemes of time travel. Duped by Future Ace into constructing the Synecdoche Paradox Core, Bubba inadvertently contributed to the completion of Future Ace’s multiverse-smashing machine. This momentous event unfolded within the pages of “Ace Tucker Space Trucker 2,” leaving Bubba to confront the repercussions of his unintended involvement.

With a profound understanding of time travelers and an ancient wisdom that transcends the ages, Bubba has traversed the eons, witnessing the ever-changing tapestry of history. While his true age remains an enigma, one thing is certain: Bubba has called central Florida his home for at least 400 years, lending an air of mystique to his existence. He has knowledge of the truly weird aspects of the region, hinting at the existence of ghosts, ancient slumber elder gods, a coven of witches, and other supernatural phenomenon existing throughout the Sunshine State (which lends to the “exotic” and “strange” nature of Florida. See Florida Man).

In a fortuitous twist of fate, Bubba has found an unexpected friendship in Ace Tucker. Through their shared experiences and encounters with temporal anomalies, Bubba has played a pivotal role in helping Ace come to terms with his stranding in 1996 and the shattered state of time travel.