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Future Ace

Future Ace, the enigmatic and formidable antagonist of “Ace Tucker Space Trucker 2: The Wrath of Ace,” remains a figure shrouded in mystery. While his exact age is uncertain, his appearance suggests an individual in his early 50s, marked by a weathered visage adorned with a prominent scar across his face and a striking eye patch.

Driven by a deep and unwavering love for April Massey, Future Ace hatched a daring plan to alter the course of time itself. Consumed by the anguish of a future where April tragically meets her demise, he became determined to rewrite history and ensure her survival. To achieve this, he devised a nefarious plot to dismantle time travel itself, constructing a fearsome multiverse smashing machine.

His malevolent creation drew its power from the elusive Synecdoche Paradox Core (acquired by duping Bubba, the Skunk Ape) and a cache of stolen timedrives, meticulously amassed through cunning and subterfuge. Future Ace sought to harness the destructive potential of the machine to collapse all alternate universes, leaving only one where April could exist unharmed. His unwavering love for her became the driving force behind his reckless mission to reshape reality.

Choosing an incredibly volatile moment for the spacetime continuum—Daylight Savings Time ending on a Leap Day—Future Ace unleashed his doomsday device upon the world. Chaos and uncertainty reverberated through the dimensions as the fragile fabric of existence trembled under the weight of his ambition.

However, fate had different plans in store. In a climactic showdown at Lake Eola in 1996, Future Ace found himself locked in a desperate battle against “proper Ace” and his trusted allies. As the forces of good fought to protect the integrity of the multiverse, Future Ace was inexorably drawn into the swirling vortex of his own creation—a vortex that threatened to annihilate him and all his misguided aspirations.

Meanwhile, April, Ivan, Hank, and Trip Glaxton managed to escape the cataclysmic maelstrom, finding refuge aboard Betty, the time-traveling semi-truck. Trapped in the past, proper Ace was left to grapple with the consequences of the multiverse’s upheaval, marooned in the year 1996.

Future Ace’s story serves as a cautionary tale of love taken to its extreme, a testament to the lengths one may go to protect and salvage what they hold most dear. As the multiverse continues to spin its intricate web of possibilities, the legacy of Future Ace lingers—a haunting reminder of the perils that can befall those who dare to tamper with the fabric of time.