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KFC On Elvis Presley Blvd.

A bucket of chicken

KFC on Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN


The KFC on Elvis Presley Blvd in Memphis, TN holds a notable place in history due to its association with April Massey and Ace Tucker. This fast-food restaurant is also known as the location of the Shiny Man‘s demise, marking a significant event in Ace Tucker’s life and the greater conspiracy around Elvis Presley. This conspiracy’s epicenter was this KFC branch, which set the stage for a series of consequential events.

April Massey and Ace Tucker

Before embarking on a thrilling and dangerous adventure, April Massey was an employee at this KFC, working as a cashier. It was here that she first met Ace Tucker, who thwarted a robbery of the fast food chain. April Massey, eventually became an agent of the TCB, was entangled in a conspiracy led by the Shiny Man to assassinate Elvis Presley.

Not only significant for the individuals involved, but this KFC also played an instrumental role in introducing Ace to the delight of fried chicken. His first taste of this delicacy was described as a near-religious experience, the deliciousness of which left an indelible mark on Ace.

From Ace Tucker Space Trucker, Chapter 10 “Eating Chicken and Making Plans”

Now that Ace was a “bona fide hero” in the eyes of the employees and management of the KFC on Elvis Presley Boulevard, he could sample the entire menu at his leisure. He’d already had some Extra Crispy and worked on a bucket of Original Recipe. Both had an amazing flavor that was near orgasmic, but the Extra Crispy had the added fun of a crunchier mouthfeel.

Ace bit into the delectable pieces of crispy meat with ravenous envy. His eyes rolled back in his head as he chewed. The delicious juice exploding in his mouth was unlike anything he’d ever eaten. A tingle of electricity wiggled through his body as he swallowed and greedily took another bite. There was a feeling of completeness inside of him he’d never felt before; a oneness with the universe on a near spiritual level.

“If pure love has a flavor,” he said aloud to himself. “This has to be it.”

It was damn good chicken.

From Ace Tucker Space Trucker, Chapter 10 “Eating Chicken and Making Plans”

The Shiny Man Incident

The KFC on Elvis Presley Blvd is most notable for being the location where Ace Tucker put an end to the Shiny Man’s plans. In a dramatic turn of events, Ace used a KFC pressure cooker to melt the Shiny Man, effectively neutralizing the threat he posed.

This incident served as a turning point in the conspiracy plot to kill Elvis Presley, marking the KFC branch as a significant location in this thrilling chapter of history.


The KFC on Elvis Presley Blvd continues to operate as a fast-food restaurant, serving customers its famous fried chicken. However, its rich and unique history involving April Massey, Ace Tucker, and the Shiny Man’s demise elevates it from a simple fast-food establishment to a landmark location within the lore of Ace Tucker’s adventures. Its ordinary exterior belies the extraordinary events that transpired within its walls, making it a distinctive spot on the map of Memphis, TN.

KFC on Elvis Presley Blvd.