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Mustachepalooza. The most infamous rock show in the galaxy.


Mustachepalooza is one of the most infamous rock concerts in the galaxy’s history, immortalized in folklore for its anarchic atmosphere, audacious attendees, and outrageous backstage rituals.


Designed as an emblematic event of the rock scene, Mustachepalooza emerged as a singular phenomenon, owing to the multitude of eccentric, scandalous, and outlandish occurrences surrounding it. At the heart of its notoriety, the concert is known for being attended by two million people, transforming into a giant four-day orgy, and resulting in six hundred births and over a thousand cases of herpes googleplex fourteen.

Backstage Events

Backstage, Mustachepalooza gained a notorious reputation due to the peculiar rules that mandated everyone – from the band and crew to the groupies – to be naked for the entire duration of the concert. Furthermore, the beverage system was manipulated by Nova Johnson, who spiked every drink served with Turbo Ecstasy, fueling the fervor and debauchery that led to the concert becoming a multi-day orgy.

Notable Incidents

One of the most remembered incidents from Mustachepalooza was when Knees McGuffin lost an eye on the third day. The circumstances surrounding the incident remain uncertain, with theories suggesting the involvement of a polygendered Delladon, with whom McGuffin was reportedly inseparable during the festivities.


Mustachepalooza’s fame (or infamy) lies in its uninhibited spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and the legendary tales that emerged from the event. Despite the event’s chaotic nature, it has been described as the greatest rock ‘n’ roll party in history, with its wild stories transcending the boundaries of space and time. The lore of Mustachepalooza is passed down among generations, still captivating audiences with its promise of untamed rebellion and unmatched revelry.