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Ray Ray

    Ray Ray

    Ace Tucker’s Laser Pistol

    Ray Ray is the name of Ace Tucker‘s trusted laser pistol. A versatile and powerful weapon, its settings range from a harmless laser pointer at setting 1, to an immensely destructive force capable of melting the side of a building at setting 100.


    Ray Ray features a user-friendly interface with an adjustable dial, enabling the user to swiftly modify the power output according to the situation at hand. The power of the laser blast can be tailored for a variety of purposes, making Ray Ray a reliable tool in many circumstances.

    Setting 1: At the lowest setting, Ray Ray operates as a laser pointer, emitting a harmless red beam of light suitable for presentation purposes or playing with pets.

    Setting 100: At its maximum setting, Ray Ray unleashes a devastatingly powerful laser blast capable of melting the side of a building. This setting is generally reserved for situations requiring maximum firepower and damage.

    Storage: The Broom Closet

    The Broom Closet, located onboard Ace Tucker’s ship Betty, serves as Ray Ray’s storage locker when not in use. This location provides secure and convenient storage for the weapon, allowing Ace easy access to Ray Ray in moments of emergency.


    Ray Ray, with its extensive range of settings and user-friendly design, has proven to be an essential tool in Ace Tucker’s adventures. Its ability to adapt to different situations, from harmless diversion to powerful weapon, has saved Ace from a number of precarious scenarios. Over the years, Ray Ray has become a staple in Ace’s arsenal, earning its place in the annals of Ace Tucker’s exploits.