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Rufus B. Hayes

Agent Rufus B. Hayes, a seasoned TCB agent, hails from the vibrant city of Detroit in the Mid American Federation. From an early age, Hayes demonstrated exceptional potential and a natural inclination for the TCB’s rigorous training program. As soon as he completed his high school education, he was swiftly recruited into the esteemed ranks of the Temporal Continuum Bureau.

Known for his distinctive style and unyielding determination, Agent Hayes has become a familiar face within the TCB. Throughout his career, he has tackled numerous high-stakes missions and faced countless temporal threats with unwavering resolve. His unwavering commitment to the protection of the timeline has earned him a reputation as one of the agency’s most reliable agents.

Operating out of the San Fernando Valley in 1996 Earth, Agent Hayes was known for his presence in that region. However, an unforeseen event altered his circumstances. A potent electro-quantum burst struck him, leaving his beloved 1972 Lincoln Mark IV compromised and himself stranded in the bustling city of Las Vegas. Ever resourceful, Agent Hayes adapted to his new surroundings, continuing his relentless pursuit of temporal anomalies and safeguarding the integrity of the timeline.

When Ace Tucker encountered Agent Hayes, the TCB agent had already experienced the effects of the electro-quantum burst. As Ace sought technical assistance, Hayes found himself in an amusing predicament. Unaware of the remote control session initiated by Ace, he struggled to comprehend the concept of the blinking green light on his timedrive.

Agent Rufus B. Hayes epitomizes the dedicated and resilient spirit of the TCB. With his unyielding commitment to duty and a deep understanding of temporal complexities, he plays a pivotal role in preserving the delicate balance of the spacetime continuum.

Name: Agent Rufus B. Hayes
Occupation: TCB Agent
Year of Origin: 2380
Birthplace: Detroit, Mid American Federation
Recruitment: Straight out of high school into the TCB