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Sky Craft


Skycraft Parts and Surplus is an ostensibly benign business based in Winter Park, Florida, recognized for its provision of surplus parts and supplies. According to their website, Skycraft is “a self – service surplus sales outlet that sells to the general public as well as thousands of businesses through-out the United States. [They sell] electronic parts, electrical supplies, hardware, wire and cable, test equipment, and thousands of hard to find items. Skycraft is an ideal place for the maker, hobbyists, model builders, audiophiles, artists, and the do-it-yourself electronic enthusiast.”

However, underneath the ordinary facade, the store serves as a hub for an alien black market, controlled by a family of Douchondians who relocated to Earth in the 1950s under a covert amnesty program.


In public perception, Skycraft Parts and Surplus is a typical parts and supplies store, catering to the needs of the local community. Yet behind closed doors, the operation transforms into an interstellar black market, offering a wide range of products and services, including some of the rarest alien artifacts and technologies.

The Douchondians

The proprietors, a family of Douchondians, are distinctive in appearance with skin the color of deep burnt orange, robust muscular arms, and a round, fat midsection. The family members typically stand about five feet tall and prefer loose-fitting linen shirts, often revealing a significant portion of their recently shaved tinted skin. Douchondians are particularly found of gold and typically wear medallions on a glittering rope chain, supplemented by a tighter gold rope chain worn higher up close to the throat.

One of the unique physical attributes of the Douchondians is a tiny slit, almost imperceptible, located on one side of the neck. This feature is a gill used for breathing in nitrogen-rich atmospheres, signifying their extraterrestrial origins.

The Douchondians have adapted to Earth’s culture, blending in with their unique but unobtrusive presence. Their interactions with the community are usually limited to other extraterrestrials who live and intermingle with humans. They are also found of night clubs, “gentlemen’s clubs,” and large festivals.

Douchondians are rumored throughout the galaxy to operate crime syndicates, off-books gambling rings, and smuggling operations. No official investigation has ever substantiated these claims. Their membership to the Galactic Union is frequently questioned, but as one of the founding planets and architects of the Constitution of Interstellar Unity no official actions have been taken to cast them out of the interplanetary government.

Black Market Operations

The alien black market, housed within the Skycraft Parts and Surplus , offers an array of exotic goods and services, operating on an underground level away from the eyes of unsuspecting customers and authorities. The black market deals in a broad spectrum of commodities from rare alien artifacts, illicit substances, to state-of-the-art extraterrestrial technology.


The continued operation of the Skycraft Parts and Surplus serves as a testament to the Douchondians’ adaptability and resourcefulness. While serving the local community, they have also established a thriving black market, making the establishment a unique and intriguing fixture in Winter Park’s history. However, their operations remain concealed, with only a select few aware of the secrets that lie beneath the surface of this seemingly regular surplus store.

Skycraft underground