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James R. Tramontana

Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation rules of “unusual” and fictional words (commonly screwed up by the author). Disclaimer: You would think I know this stuff, but I’m an idiot. -James R. Tramontana

  • Band names are just capitalized (unless spelled goofy)
    • Album titles are italicized
  • Basset Hound
  • Betty and T.U.R.D. (are vessels and always italicized)
  • Crash-A-Rama
  • dazzler (not capitalized)
  • dataport
  • Figure eight and figure-eight
    • Adjective is hyphenated
    • Noun is not hyphenated
  • GalactoNet
  • Genres of music are not capitalized (jazz, punk)
  • help desk (two words not capitalized)
  • Historical eras of music are capitalized (the Baroque, the Classical era, the Renaissance, the Romantic piano)
  • hypertime
  • Jeez (always italicized)
  • Okay
  • Retcon Team Six
  • Skunk Ape
  • Skycraft
  • Song titles are “In Quotes”
  • spacetime
  • Super-advanced 4D haptic holoscreens
  • TCB
  • tallboy
  • time jump (two words not hyphenated)
  • timecar
  • timeship
  • timedrive
  • Trampoline Grrrl
  • Ultra-titanium
  • Yeaaah