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Standard Time Continuum

A neon pentagram on a dark background.

The Standard Time Continuum is the bedrock upon which the fabric of reality is woven. It is the fundamental basis for all time, space, and existence, and serves as the root universe from which all other alternate universes derive.

In the Standard Time Continuum, time flows in a linear, unbroken stream, with events unfolding in a logical and predictable sequence. The laws of physics and nature are fixed and immutable, and the universe follows a set of fundamental principles that govern its behavior.

This continuum serves as the foundation upon which the TCB bases its understanding of the nature of time and the multiverse. By studying the Standard Time Continuum, the TCB is able to map out the intricacies of the space-time continuum and gain insight into the workings of alternate universes.

However, the Standard Time Continuum is not without its mysteries and secrets. It is said that there are hidden pockets of time and space that exist beyond the boundaries of the continuum, where the laws of physics break down and reality itself becomes fluid and mutable (one of these happens to be the location of the TCB’s headquarters in 2406).

Despite these unknown elements, the Standard Time Continuum remains the bedrock of reality, the foundation upon which all other universes are built. It is the starting point for all journeys through time and space, and the destination towards which all paths lead.

The last occurrence of “The Protocol” happened in 2018 and locked reality into the Standard Time Continuum