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TCB Guide to Takin Care of Business


The TCB Guide to Taking Care of Business is the definitive manual for all TCB agents. As an application available on agents’ personal devices, it provides valuable information, advice, and procedural guidelines to help agents navigate the complexities of their duties. The guide is a comprehensive resource that combines elements of renowned interstellar reference works from across all time and cultures throughout the galaxy.

Functionality and Features

The TCB Guide to Taking Care of Business connects to the GalactoNet, the galaxy’s advanced version of the internet, providing agents with real-time updates and access to a vast database of information. Its features include:

  1. Temporal Protocols: Detailed information on standard temporal procedures, including the prevention and resolution of temporal anomalies, ensuring the integrity of the timeline, and guidelines on interacting with historical events and figures.
  2. Interstellar Commerce: The guide offers insights into intergalactic commerce and trade, advising agents on various currencies, negotiation tactics, and ethical considerations for commerce across different time periods and civilizations.
  3. Survival Guide: Practical survival tips and techniques tailored to a multitude of environments, planets, and time periods.
  4. Cultural Encyclopedia: Comprehensive information on various cultures, species, and civilizations throughout history and across the galaxy.
  5. Technology Manual: Guidelines on the operation, maintenance, and repair of various types of technology, including Temporal Translocator Devices (TTDs), time travel vessels, and other TCB equipment.
  6. Communication Guide: Protocols and etiquette for communication and interaction with various species and cultures, including language translation features.

Updates and Access

The guide is regularly updated via the GalactoNet, ensuring agents always have access to the most current information. These updates include new discoveries, historical changes, and advancements in temporal technology.

The TCB Guide to Taking Care of Business is a compulsory tool for every TCB agent. Its vast repository of knowledge combined with the convenience of digital access makes it an essential companion for TCB agents, assisting them in their crucial task of maintaining the integrity of the timeline.