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Temporal Continuity Bureau Headquarters


The Temporal Continuity Bureau (TCB) Headquarters is a sprawling complex located in a pocket universe, dating to the year 2406. Its size is technically infinite, accommodating a vast range of technologies, tools, and staff. The headquarters serves as the central hub for the esteemed TCB, an organization tasked with safeguarding the integrity of time travel and ensuring the preservation of the temporal continuum.


The TCB Headquarters features an array of time-travel devices, including timestriders and timecars. Additionally, it hosts the Chronomicon, a comprehensive database comprising all historical events, pivotal in planning and executing TCB’s missions.

The complex is inhabited by thousands of agents hailing from across the galaxy and various time periods. These agents bring a diverse mix of perspectives, expertise, and cultural knowledge to the organization, strengthening its mission.

The Chronomicon

An indispensable tool for TCB agents, the Chronomicon, is a dynamic database encapsulating all known events in history. This resource equips agents with the necessary knowledge to conduct their missions and allows them to cross-reference and verify historical data accurately.

Time Travel Devices

The TCB Headquarters houses an impressive array of time travel devices, from personal Temporal Translocator Devices (TTDs) to larger vehicles like timestriders and timecars. These state-of-the-art tools aid agents in their journeys through time and space.

Role and Responsibilities

The TCB holds the essential responsibility of monitoring the temporal continuum, rectifying any inconsistencies, and ensuring history remains untampered. The headquarters serves as the base for these operations, providing the resources and environment necessary for agents to carry out their missions effectively.


With agents from different time periods and regions of the galaxy, the TCB Headquarters cultivates a diverse and vibrant culture. This diversity fuels innovation and fosters a rich understanding of various historical contexts, proving invaluable in the execution of the Bureau’s tasks.


The TCB Headquarters remains a cornerstone in the preservation of the temporal continuum. It stands as a testament to the diligence and dedication of countless agents who strive to protect the integrity of time itself. Despite the daunting complexities and inherent risks of time travel, the TCB continues to uphold its mandate, guided by its commitment to ensuring a balanced and harmonious timeline.