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The sapphire super club in san diego, california.

The Sapphire Supper Club

The Sapphire Supper Club was a beloved music venue in Orlando, Florida that operated in the late 1990s. Located at 54 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801 in the space currently occupied by The Social, the Sapphire Supper Club showcased a diverse range of indie-rock, swing, and folk acts, becoming a prominent fixture in the local music scene.

Opening its doors in 1995, the Sapphire Supper Club quickly gained a reputation for hosting exceptional performances and nurturing the careers of up-and-coming musicians. Over the course of its approximately six-year run, the club played host to notable artists, some of whom went on to achieve broader fame in bands such as Seven Mary Three, Matchbox Twenty, Alias Clark, and Trampoline Grrrl.

The Sapphire Supper Club holds a special place in the memories of those familiar with Orlando’s 1990s music scene, and the anniversary show at The Social served as a powerful reminder of the club’s impact. Its legacy continues to resonate with music enthusiasts, cherishing the vibrant atmosphere and incredible performances that defined the era.