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The timedrive is the device that makes time travel possible. It is a groundbreaking device invented in 2384 by a Valdovian delivery boy working at Zimmy Zon’s sandwich shop. Originally designed for expedited food delivery, it can transport objects up to thirty minutes into the past. The device itself is a small glass cylinder, roughly the size of a loaf of bread, labeled with the words “Zimmy Zon’s. Outlandishly Expeditious!” What lies within the glass is a peculiar substance that defies explanation. It constantly morphs and shifts, taking on various forms, such as suspended liquid, solid snake-like structures, transparent gas, and swirling sand. The substance emits a vibrant display of colors, resembling a rainbow while paradoxically remaining pitch black. It’s mesmerizing appearance captivates the observer, yet it also evokes an indescribable unease, compelling some to avert their gaze.