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Trampoline Grrrl

A photo of a woman holding a guitar.

Trampoline Grrrl is April Massey and Ivan Chimpanov‘s band. April spearheaded the formation when they found themselves stranded back in time, in Orlando in 1994. They began to perform at various clubs and bars around central Florida soon after meeting each other, and their popularity quickly grew.

By 1996, Ace catches up with them as they had become one of the most popular unsigned punk bands in the state. What makes them special is that they only consisted of two musicians: April playing a guitar but using equipment to split the signal so it sounded like there was a guitar and bass, and Ivan on drums. April would send her Les Paul’s signal into a Boss DD-3 delay pedal, which then would be sent to an MXR Micro Amp before reaching her Marshall JCM 800 full-stack for guitar. The bass signal would go through a second MXR Micro Amp, then pass through a GE7 pedal to take away the high frequencies until it reaches an Ampeg V4B fridge. Ivan plays on a five piece MP drum kit.

Ivan uses a dazzler to disguise himself as a human when they play shows — the 1990’s are not ready for a super intelligent cyborg chimpanzee.

Featured in the Orlando Underground Magazine – 1995 – reprinted with permissionline

Trampoline Grrrl: Central Florida’s Dynamic Duo Rocking the Underground Scene

When it comes to defying conventions and pushing the boundaries of punk rock, few bands capture the raw energy and innovative spirit quite like Trampoline Grrrl. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Central Florida, this dynamic duo has taken the underground punk world by storm, leaving a trail of ecstatic fans and sold-out shows in their wake.

Formed in the late months of 1994, Trampoline Grrrl burst onto the scene with their unmistakable blend of fierce attitude, infectious melodies, and a stage presence that can only be described as electrifying. Comprised of the fearless April Massey and the enigmatic Ivan Chimpanov, this unconventional twosome proves that great things can indeed come in small packages.

What sets Trampoline Grrrl apart from the rest is their ingenious use of gear and innovative musical techniques. April, armed with her trusty Les Paul guitar, captivates audiences by skillfully splitting her guitar signal to create the illusion of both guitar and bass. Through the cunning configuration of her effects pedals—a Boss DD-3 delay pedal, MXR Micro Amp, and a Boss GE7 pedal—she defies the conventional limitations of a traditional two-piece band, delivering a full and resonant sonic assault that leaves audiences in awe.

Meanwhile, Ivan, a jovial man who credits the Ramones to getting him into puk rock, and who never takes his leather jacket, even in the swelter of packed clubs, unleashes his rhythmic fury behind the drums. His five-piece MP drum kit provides the backbone for Trampoline Grrrl’s explosive sound, driving the relentless beats that propel their energetic performances. Together, Ivan and April create a sonic force that reverberates through the hearts and souls of their devoted fans.

Since their inception, Trampoline Grrrl wasted no time conquering the local music scene, igniting stages in the dingy clubs and gritty bars of Central Florida. Their explosive live shows have become the stuff of legends, drawing hordes of enthusiastic followers who crave the raw power and adrenaline rush that only Trampoline Grrrl can deliver.

Trampoline Grrrl has solidified their reputation as one of the best unsigned underground punk bands in Florida. Their popularity soars to new heights as they consistently sell out shows, leaving fans clamoring for more. The band’s electric chemistry and unapologetic authenticity are palpable, setting them apart from their peers and cementing their place in the annals of punk history.

With their distinctive sound and unwavering determination, Trampoline Grrrl is on a trajectory to conquer the world, one blistering riff at a time. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned, as this powerhouse duo is poised to redefine the punk landscape and leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

Don’t miss Trampoline Grrrl as they continue their sonic assault on the underground punk scene. Catch them live at a venue near you and prepare to be blown away by their sheer intensity and unforgettable performances.