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James R. Tramontana

James R. Tramontana holds a Master of Arts in Mass Media Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida. He is a writer, a rocker, a nerd and a nice guy. His notable victories include winning a ghost chili eating contest, a fight with an entire toga party and a mime competition. Tramontana is also a multi-instrumentalist and has performed throughout the United States in bands such as Stizzle, Spitvalves, Alias Clark, Red Hot Rebellion, CR8RFACE, Prime Floridian, Daytonist, and The Florida Pythons. His media publishing company, Solid Arts and Science LLC, has released over 100 songs (many of which featured in films, television, and video games), as well as dozens of comic books and novels. He enjoys peanut butter, long naps on the beach, loud music, and unusual socks.