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Contest ends on November 1, 2019

Be a Character in the Next Ace Tucker Adventure!

Ever wanted to be a character in a nutty science fiction comedy story? Well, now’s your chance!  Here’s how:

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  3. Leave a review
  4. Enter the last word of the story here and BAM! You’re entered. 

Last year Ace Tucker saved Elvis Presley and the entire Milky Way galaxy.

The mind-bending trip through space and time saw the end of Ace’s stint as a rock and roll roadie for Mustache Supernova, the greatest band in the galaxy.

Now, Ace has a sweet new gig: working for Elvis and the Temporal Continuity Bureau (T.C.B.), the Galactic Union’s time-traveling police force. However, before he can get into the thick of it as a fully licensed, bonded, and insured T.C.B. agent, he has some dues to pay.

When Ace bungles a “simple package job,” he unwittingly unleashes an ancient evil upon The Thirsty Singularity Space Truck Stop and Diner. Before all is lost, Ace must use what little wits he has to defeat the horror of


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