2019 X-Mas Special

Brand new Christmas special is out today! Wanna listen to Elvis sing Ebenezer Scrooge some “traditional” Christmas songs? How about the whole gang sing a punk rock cover of We Wish You a Merry Christmas? You can do both. NOW. 

The Poop-o Show!

The Poop-o Show! – Audio Fiction Welcome to the premier episode of Season 3!!! Ace and Ivan are super bored, so they tune into their favorite radio call-in show, The Poop-o Show! Become a Patron!

Writer’s Beard

Here were are, almost midpoint in November and if you’re like me, you haven’t shaved since October. Say what? Read on for a meandering explanation. I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. For non-writers, that’s National Novel Writing Month, a month-long worldwide collective adventure in mashing words on a page in an Read more…

Hank Reads The Raven

Hank Reads The Raven- Audio Fiction Happy Halloween! Hank lost a bet with April and has to read the Edgar Allen Poe classic, The Raven. And of course, he butchers it due to his super filthy mouth. Become a Patron!

Music of Ace Tucker Space Trucker

The Music of Ace Tucker Space Trucker

Free Download These songs were written and performed by the author/creator and his friends. Each one was used in an episode of the award-winning audio fiction series, Ace Tucker Space Trucker. And they all RULE, baby! There’s a little something for every musical taste, so pop that sucker in your cart, Read more…

Cluster Cluck

Cluster Cluck- Audio Fiction Season 2 Finale (and the setup for the Help Desk novella!) The action-packed season finale episode! Ace and the gang are up to their armpits in adventure, mayhem and shenanigans! When a foe from Ace’s past shows up in England in 2018, the cluck hits the Read more…

Lunch Break

Lunch Break – Audio Fiction Ace and the gang are faced with their biggest challenge yet: where should they go for lunch!? And that’s just the start of the madness. Once they arrive at their destination Ace uncovers a conspiracy that could spell doom for a group of surly old Read more…

El Chupacabra Part 2

El Chupacabra Part 2 – Audio Fiction In this exciting conclusion, April and Hank meet up with Giorgio Sookyloose, host of the beloved television show, Old Timey Aliens. Despite Giorgio’s lisp and poor choice in hairstyles, he agrees to help April and Hank find the vile and mysterious CHUPACABRA. Yet, Read more…