Are You Sitting Down?

Are you sitting down? I know I am even though I don’t want to be. The older I get, the more I’ve come to realize that humans are not designed to sit at a desk all day and stare at computer screens. Don’t worry, the irony is not lost on Read more…

Waffle House Jukebox Favorites

This is Waffle House’s 1999 compilation “Waffle House: Jukebox Favorites Vol. 1” in its entirety — a collection of original tracks for Waffle House jukeboxes, written by Buckner & Garcia (of “Pac Man Fever” fame) and featuring gospel singer Mary Welch Rogers, then-wife of Waffle House’s co-founder, Joe Rogers Sr.

Plotting Ace Tucker 3!

That’s right, kids. The third Ace Tucker novel will take place in the far-away time of 1999!!! Stay tuned for annoying updates about me plotting, drafting, writing, editing, and publishing “Ace Tucker Space Trucker 3: ACE 1999!” 🤘💪🔥🌮🎈🎉 Ace Tucker Space Trucker 2 has been sent off to my editor, Read more…

The Poop-o Show!

The Poop-o Show! – Audio Fiction Welcome to the premier episode of Season 3!!! Ace and Ivan are super bored, so they tune into their favorite radio call-in show, The Poop-o Show! Become a Patron!

Writer’s Beard

Here were are, almost midpoint in November and if you’re like me, you haven’t shaved since October. Say what? Read on for a meandering explanation. I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. For non-writers, that’s National Novel Writing Month, a month-long worldwide collective adventure in mashing words on a page in an Read more…

Hank Reads The Raven

Hank Reads The Raven- Audio Fiction Happy Halloween! Hank lost a bet with April and has to read the Edgar Allen Poe classic, The Raven. And of course, he butchers it due to his super filthy mouth. Become a Patron!

Music of Ace Tucker Space Trucker

The Music of Ace Tucker Space Trucker

Free Download These songs were written and performed by the author/creator and his friends. Each one was used in an episode of the award-winning audio fiction series, Ace Tucker Space Trucker. And they all RULE, baby! There’s a little something for every musical taste, so pop that sucker in your cart, Read more…

Cluster Cluck

Cluster Cluck- Audio Fiction Season 2 Finale (and the setup for the Help Desk novella!) The action-packed season finale episode! Ace and the gang are up to their armpits in adventure, mayhem and shenanigans! When a foe from Ace’s past shows up in England in 2018, the cluck hits the Read more…