Music of Ace Tucker Space Trucker – Free Album Download


20 Songs of pure musical awesomeness! Including the Ace Tucker Space Trucker theme song, “Go, Ace Tucker, Go!”


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These songs were written and performed by the author/creator and his friends. Each one was used in an episode of the award-winning audio fiction series, Ace Tucker Space Trucker. And they all RULE, baby! There’s a little something for every musical taste, so pop that sucker in your cart, download and ENJOY!


Go Ace Tucker Go – CR8RFACE 
Boy in a Band – Jamie Suttle 
You Bring the Thunder, I’ll Bring the Lightning – Red Hot Rebellion 
Betting Man – The Attack 
They Don’t Need to Know How the Sausage is Made – Fifty Dollar Famous 
Party People – Prime Floridian 
Islands – Summer Spiders 
Built to Rock – Red Hot Rebellion 
Battle Royale with Cheese – Red Hot Rebellion 
Kids on Mars – CR8RFACE 
Flybye – Summer Spiders 
Beaver Hunt – CR8RFACE 
Alright Alight – Red Hot Rebellion 
Crushing It – Red Hot Rebellion 
Let’s Up the Punks in Swimming Trunks – CR8RFACE 
Renegades – The Attack 
Riker’s Beard – Red Hot Rebellion 
Rockaway Beach – Red Hot Rebellion 
We Built this City on Blood and Guts – Red Hot Rebellion 
Vikings vs. Unicorns – CR8RFACE