Ivan Chimpanov

Ivan is a 4’5″ cyborg chimpanzee from Russia. He has lived in outer space most of his life and loves Earth music, especially punk rock, most especially the Ramones. He has an expert knowledge of classic punk and a true disdain for Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. His cybernetic enhancements make him stronger, faster, and smarter than most other beings in the galaxy. He has a cybernetic spike he can use to jack into standard Galactic Union dataports and directly access computer systems with his mind. He can also go “old school” and hack just about any computer system using traditional methods.

Although from Russia he lacks a Russian accent. The cybernetic enhancements grafted into his brain and speech centers have given him a strange stutter and affect on his voice. He tends to elongate some words, especially the word “yeah.” April Massey has described his voice as a, “crappy Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation.”