Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation Rules of Unusual (and made up) Words

…And words commonly misspelled by the author
Disclaimer: You would think I know this stuff, but I'm an idiot. -JRT
  • spacetime
  • okay
  • Jeez (always italicized)
  • help desk (two words not capitalized)
  • dataport
  • tallboy
  • super-advanced 4D haptic holoscreens
  • Skycraft 
  • dazzler (not capitalized)
  • T.C.B.
  • Retcon Team Six
  • timecar
  • timeship
  • timedrive
  • time jump (two words not hyphenated)
  • ultra-titanium
  • hypertime
  • Yeaaah
  • Trampoline Grrrl
  • Skunk Ape
  • Betty and T.U.R.D. (always italicized)
  • Crash-A-Rama
  • figure eight and figure-eight
    • Noun is not hyphenated 
    • Adjective is hyphenated
    • Almost all of the other school-bus races in Florida are run as a figure eight, where high-speed contact between the buses is not only possible, but likely, as they cross in the middle of the track … And Nov. 24, a school-bus figure-eight race is the headliner for the annual season-ending Crash-A-Rama at Orlando Speed World in Bithlo… [Source: Orlando Sentinel]
  • Song titles are “In Quotes”
  • Album titles Are Italicized
  • Band names are Just Capitalized (unless spelled goofy)
  • Genres of music are not capitalized (jazz, punk)
  • Historical eras of music are Capitalized (the Renaissance, the Baroque, the Classical era, the Romantic piano)
  • TV show titles Are Italicized
  • Movie names Are Italicized
  • Book titles Are Italicized
  • TV show episode titles “Are in Quotes”