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Dino Valdeeznuts (b. circa 2344, date of death unknown) was a Valdovian inventor who is most famously known for creating the timedrive, a device which allowed time travel and revolutionized the concept of food delivery, and subsequently warfare, in the Milky Way. Early Life and… Read More »DINO VALDEEZNUTS

Nova Johnson

Mustache Supernova

The Galactic Titans of Rock In a universe teeming with diverse musical styles and celestial harmonies, one band rises above all others, capturing the hearts and souls of countless star systems. Mustache Supernova, the epitome of intergalactic rock, has transcended mere fame to become a… Read More »Mustache Supernova

The Shiny Man

The Shiny Man, an enigmatic entity hailing from the distant galaxy of Andromeda, possessed a presence that exuded an air of otherworldly intrigue. Clad in an impossibly shiny metallic suit that mirrored the surrounding light, he seemed to defy the limits of perception. His very… Read More »The Shiny Man


Betty is a Valvodian Galactofreight Hauler made to look like 1974 Kenworth W900 semi-truck with cartoon rockets strapped to nacelles on each side of her trailer. Her interior is laid out like a classic semi cab with cutting edge Valvodian navigation and operational systems. She… Read More »Betty



Cookie is a Valdovian, with a distinct purple hue and four powerful arms that allow him to work with incredible speed and precision. He is the head mechanic of the Temporal Continuity Bureau, responsible for the maintenance and repair of the TCB’s fleet of time-traveling… Read More »Cookie