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Technologies & Gadgets



The dazzler is a remarkable small gadget, resembling a belt buckle in size and design, that has gained popularity for its unique hologram projection capabilities. Developed by an ingenious team of engineers, this portable hologram projector has the ability to transform the wearer’s appearance into… Read More »Dazzler

Ray Ray

Ray Ray

Ace Tucker’s Laser Pistol Ray Ray is the name of Ace Tucker‘s trusted laser pistol. A versatile and powerful weapon, its settings range from a harmless laser pointer at setting 1, to an immensely destructive force capable of melting the side of a building at… Read More »Ray Ray

Ace's artificial hand

Ace’s Artificial Hand

Overview Ace’s Artificial Hand is an advanced prosthetic device first acquired by Ace from Proton’s Popular Prosthetics at the Galactic Galleria. This prosthetic was known for its unique combination of advanced Valdovian engineering and high sensitivity to touch. Initially procured to replace Ace’s missing hand,… Read More »Ace’s Artificial Hand

A computer with neon lights on it.


The Ultimate Time-Space Database The Chronomicon is a monumental quantum computer application and galactic network that serves as a comprehensive repository of information on all points in time and space across the entire spacetime continuum. It stands as a technological marvel, designed to transcend the… Read More »THE CHRONOMICON



The timedrive is the device that makes time travel possible. It is a groundbreaking device invented in 2384 by a Valdovian delivery boy working at Zimmy Zon’s sandwich shop. Originally designed for expedited food delivery, it can transport objects up to thirty minutes into the… Read More »Timedrive

Bithcin’ Camaro

Trip Glaxton‘s personal timecar is a 1984 black Camaro Z/28 T-top not just any ordinary vehicle, but one of the most advanced and cutting-edge timecars in the TCB’s arsenal. Built using the latest in temporal engineering and quantum mechanics, the car is a sleek and… Read More »Bithcin’ Camaro

Ivan Chimpanov

Ivan Chimpanov is not your average primate. He is a futuristic fusion of organic and mechanical components, a cyborg chimpanzee who has undergone extensive enhancements to surpass the limits of his natural abilities. His physical prowess is unmatched, with bionic limbs that can crush steel… Read More »Ivan Chimpanov