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Bithcin’ Camaro

Trip Glaxton‘s personal timecar is a 1984 black Camaro Z/28 T-top not just any ordinary vehicle, but one of the most advanced and cutting-edge timecars in the TCB’s arsenal. Built using the latest in temporal engineering and quantum mechanics, the car is a sleek and… Read More »Bithcin’ Camaro


T.U.R.D. is a 1991 Ford Festiva hatchback. He has been upgraded with many Valdovian computer systems and weapons. His artificial intelligence was infected by a quantum virus and the many attempts by technicians to clean it left his personality matrix scrambled. He considers himself to… Read More »T.U.R.D.

April’s Van

1984 off-white Econoline van. Mostly rust free. Used to transport Trampoline Grrrl from gig to gig. April frequently has to take the van to her mechanic, Randy’s Auto Specialists, for repairs. Still, the van serves the band well and has traversed the southern states of… Read More »April’s Van


Betty is a Valvodian Galactofreight Hauler made to look like 1974 Kenworth W900 semi-truck with cartoon rockets strapped to nacelles on each side of her trailer. Her interior is laid out like a classic semi cab with cutting edge Valvodian navigation and operational systems. She… Read More »Betty