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Future Ace

Future Ace, the enigmatic and formidable antagonist of “Ace Tucker Space Trucker 2: The Wrath of Ace,” remains a figure shrouded in mystery. While his exact age is uncertain, his appearance suggests an individual in his early 50s, marked by a weathered visage adorned with… Read More »Future Ace

The Shiny Man

The Shiny Man, an enigmatic entity hailing from the distant galaxy of Andromeda, possessed a presence that exuded an air of otherworldly intrigue. Clad in an impossibly shiny metallic suit that mirrored the surrounding light, he seemed to defy the limits of perception. His very… Read More »The Shiny Man

April Massey

April Massey is a woman of many talents and a survivor at heart. Growing up in Memphis, TN, she faced many obstacles, including the sudden disappearance of her mother and an abusive father who was addicted to gambling. Despite these challenges, April developed a fierce… Read More »April Massey

Ace Tucker smiling.

Ace Tucker

Ace Tucker is the protagonist and titular character of the Ace Tucker Space Trucker series. Born on Earth and raised in outer space, Ace is a man of action and quick thinking, despite having a relatively low IQ of 99. He is an expert lip-reader… Read More »Ace Tucker