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Rufus B. Hayes

Agent Rufus B. Hayes, a seasoned TCB agent, hails from the vibrant city of Detroit in the Mid American Federation. From an early age, Hayes demonstrated exceptional potential and a natural inclination for the TCB’s rigorous training program. As soon as he completed his high… Read More »Rufus B. Hayes

Bubba Sinclair

Bubba Sinclair

Bubba Sinclair is a legendary figure residing in the heart of Bithlo, FL. A cryptid of myth and lore, Bubba possesses a unique combination of enigmatic qualities that both intrigue and baffle those who dare to encounter him. Running a junkyard by day, Bubba is… Read More »Bubba Sinclair

Future Ace

Future Ace, the enigmatic and formidable antagonist of “Ace Tucker Space Trucker 2: The Wrath of Ace,” remains a figure shrouded in mystery. While his exact age is uncertain, his appearance suggests an individual in his early 50s, marked by a weathered visage adorned with… Read More »Future Ace

The Shiny Man

The Shiny Man, an enigmatic entity hailing from the distant galaxy of Andromeda, possessed a presence that exuded an air of otherworldly intrigue. Clad in an impossibly shiny metallic suit that mirrored the surrounding light, he seemed to defy the limits of perception. His very… Read More »The Shiny Man

A futuristic man in a futuristic suit.

Trip Glaxton

Trip Glaxton is a native of Krov 54, a planet known for its long history of martial tradition and its fierce, battle-hardened soldiers. Born into a family of warriors, Trip was trained in the art of combat from an early age and honed his skills… Read More »Trip Glaxton



Cookie is a Valdovian, with a distinct purple hue and four powerful arms that allow him to work with incredible speed and precision. He is the head mechanic of the Temporal Continuity Bureau, responsible for the maintenance and repair of the TCB’s fleet of time-traveling… Read More »Cookie

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is more than just a legendary figure in the music industry. He is widely known as the King of Rock n Roll, but there is so much more to him than his incredible singing voice and charismatic stage presence. Secret Valdovian nanobots have… Read More »Elvis Presley

Ace Tucker smiling.

Ace Tucker

Ace Tucker is the protagonist and titular character of the Ace Tucker Space Trucker series. Born on Earth and raised in outer space, Ace is a man of action and quick thinking, despite having a relatively low IQ of 99. He is an expert lip-reader… Read More »Ace Tucker