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A man in a futuristic suit holding a gun.

Retcon Team 6

Retcon Team 6, the esteemed special forces unit of the Temporal Continuum Bureau (TCB), operates at the forefront of temporal warfare, conducting clandestine missions across the fabric of time itself. Led by the indomitable Trip Glaxton, this elite team is akin to the time-traveling equivalent… Read More »Retcon Team 6

A futuristic man in a futuristic suit.

Trip Glaxton

Trip Glaxton is a native of Krov 54, a planet known for its long history of martial tradition and its fierce, battle-hardened soldiers. Born into a family of warriors, Trip was trained in the art of combat from an early age and honed his skills… Read More »Trip Glaxton



Cookie is a Valdovian, with a distinct purple hue and four powerful arms that allow him to work with incredible speed and precision. He is the head mechanic of the Temporal Continuity Bureau, responsible for the maintenance and repair of the TCB’s fleet of time-traveling… Read More »Cookie