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The timedrive is the device that makes time travel possible. It is a groundbreaking device invented in 2384 by a Valdovian delivery boy working at Zimmy Zon’s sandwich shop. Originally designed for expedited food delivery, it can transport objects up to thirty minutes into the… Read More »Timedrive


Betty is a Valvodian Galactofreight Hauler made to look like 1974 Kenworth W900 semi-truck with cartoon rockets strapped to nacelles on each side of her trailer. Her interior is laid out like a classic semi cab with cutting edge Valvodian navigation and operational systems. She… Read More »Betty



Cookie is a Valdovian, with a distinct purple hue and four powerful arms that allow him to work with incredible speed and precision. He is the head mechanic of the Temporal Continuity Bureau, responsible for the maintenance and repair of the TCB’s fleet of time-traveling… Read More »Cookie