Here were are, almost midpoint in November and if you’re like me, you haven’t shaved since October.

Say what? Read on for a meandering explanation.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. For non-writers, that’s National Novel Writing Month, a month-long worldwide collective adventure in mashing words on a page in an attempt to have a 50,000-word novel first draft by November 30.

I’ve done NaNoWriMo in the past (I think twice) but have never “won,” by having a 50k word draft at the end. I would get about 20,000 words in then lose steam, get frustrated and quit. This year, however, I planned ahead! What a concept!

I spent the last two weeks of October outlining, plotting and planning. I started using a super cool app called Scapple. It allows you to free-style brainstorm and makes connections between ideas using lines, pretty colors, images and words. It rules, baby. By November 1, I had a mostly-solid graphic layout and a decent wordy outline ready to go.

As of today, I’m sitting at about 38,000 words and roughly half-way through the story I want to tell. Which is where it gets fun for you!

Due to the number of entries, I am happy to announce we have THREE WINNERS of my Be a Character In My Next Novel Contest!

Please get stoked for Tim Hubley, Ryan Mallot, and Chris “Cookie” Suttle, who will all appear as characters in Ace Tucker Space Trucker 2: The Wrath of Ace!

I’m currently working with the winners to get their characters sorted out and you will be able to bask in the fictional glory once this novel is done!

If you’d like to keep tabs on my day-to-day word count, struggles, and advice for my word-mashing siblings, head over to my Instagram and take a looky-loo.

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